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Life Transitions

The collective voice in our society that tells us 'change is hard' mirrors the sentiments of many. Yet, there are still plenty of others who welcome change. It is the transition from where we were to where we are going that causes anxiety, angst and uncertainty. It can be a struggle to feel and be okay during this period, let alone joyous and optimistic. Routines are upended. Habits are interrupted. Confidence is replaced with uncertainty and vulnerability. Even welcome, wanted and positive changes can lead to transition periods that are trying and challenging.

How Can Therapy Help?

  • greater awareness of thoughts and how they color our worldview

  • normalization of difficulties that come with being uncertain and in transition

  • cognitive strategies for calming the anxious mind and neutralizing charged and unhelpful thoughts

  • behavioral strategies to encourage connection with the new place/people/routine

  • clarification of values and how to live according to them

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