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Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome is the formal diagnosis for the presence of motor and vocal tics that have been present for more than a year. Tics are largely involuntary and can be exacerbated by stress, anxiety, illness, poor sleep, or by calling attention to them. The average age of onset is six years old. Tics are far more common in boys than in girls by a 4:1 ratio. Tics can be simple - sudden, brief, repetitive movements that involve a limited number of muscle groups - or complex - tics that present in a pattern and involve several muscle groups. Some complex tic presentations can indicate Tourettic OCD

Motor Tics

     Simple tics

  • eye blink or squint

  • shoulder shrug

  • nose twitch

  • jerk of the arm

  • muscle tightening​

  • grimacing

  • mouth movements

     Complex tics

  • jumping or hopping

  • hitting or biting oneself

  • sticking out the tongue

  • opening and stretching the jaw

  • silly expressions

  • obscene gestures

  • touching or smelling objects

Vocal Tics

      Simple tics

  • coughing

  • grunting

  • throat clearing

  • humming

  • barking

      Complex tics

  • repeating one's own words or phrases (palilalia)

  • repeating other people's words or phrases (echolalia)

  • using vulgar or obscene words or phrases

  • yelling words or phrases

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