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Types of Anxiety

Sorting through the symptoms of anxiety can be overwhelming given all the nuance and complexity of each disorder. Below is a list of major anxiety disorders to help you make sense of your symptoms. 

Routine worry about a variety of life situations. Difficulty "turning off" the worries and relaxing.

Fear of making a mistake, or being judged or criticized in social situations. Preoccupation with other's perceptions of you.

Repeated panic attacks that occur without warning leading to terror and uncertainty about when the next one will strike.

Feeling scared to be away from home either in confined spaces or open areas. Preoccupation with exits, escapes and bathrooms.

Anxiety derived from physical symptoms feared to be a sign of a major illness or disease. Significant preoccupation with the discomfort or symptoms.

A specific and intense fear causing panic-like symptoms that usually centers around a single trigger.

Fear of throwing up that manifests as extreme precautions with food, avoidance, and distress over physical sensations that could be early signs of throwing up.

When being away from family causes intense distress. Usually a disorder of childhood. Extreme form of normal developmental stage for infants and toddlers.

Inability to communicate verbally due to anxiety when in public or around strangers. Freedom with physical movements can be impacted as well.

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